Photography Session

What happens in a photography session? What you need and what to expect.

  1. Make a booking and plot out all the details
  2. Prepare yourself for some great photos, outfit, makeup and hair
  3. Come to our studio or if planned, we will come to you
  4. We may need some extra information and you can help us fill in the blanks
  5. Every photo session is billed out separate and can be paid any time, we will let you know about this before we go ahead
  6. Now we will take the photos, this will be a fun experience and we encourage you to have some input too
  7. If you have some changes to the set/location or want to change outfit, we will take some more shots when ready
  8. Before you can view the photos we need to prepare them, make a booking now to come back and view them later
  9. Once we have all the best shots and have them looking great, we make a viewing gallery, either in studio or online
  10. You can come into the studio to view or online whichever you choose
  11. Now its up to you to decide the photo shots you love and want to take home
  12. You will need to pick sizes and quantities, you can get some framed with us too, we have an excellent range of frames
  13. Now all that’s left is to pay for what you have selected and the session fee if not already paid for
  14. Once paid in full we will get to work printing and framing the best of your photos making sure they look great
  15. We can post your products or you can come to us to pick them up, either way we will notify you that they are on their way
  16. If you would like to set up a lay by payment we can have your order made and ready for you when payment is complete
  17. Take your order home and enjoy your photos for years to come, share them with the family and generations.

Sometime there might be some problems or issues with your products, let us know so we can fix them for you. Any faults will be fixed up free of charge.

If you want to give us some feedback we would really appreciate it, there is always room for improvement.