Event Photography

Debutante Evenings

It is an exciting time, with much thought going into dresses, hair, makeup, and accessories. With this in mind may why leave your photography to chance?

We capture each couple before the ball starts and our professional photographers make sure the beautiful couple are looking their best for that special, fun filled night.

With a comfortable setting we ensure a quality range of photographs are taken. Including the couple photo, individual portraits, as well as family photos, groups and friends.


Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a special and important time in anybody’s life filled with unique memories. It is more than a celebration of your friendship and love, your wedding day is a moment where the times you share and enjoy in the future are made.

Our photographers record the day, taking formal photos with family and friends, casual photos and candid moments between guests, capturing their emotions and expressions.

We have the tools and experience to create beautiful wedding photography in any setting. It’s a task best not trusted to friends and enthusiasts.


Graduation Day

After all the hard work, don’t miss out on the opportunity to recognise your achievement and have your graduation captured for prosperity.

From formal portraits to casual mementos our photographers will capture that successful moment of your graduation to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Get Mum and Dad in the shot. Individuals, groups and families can be catered for, capturing memories for the whole family to share.


Parties and Formal Events

Birthday parties

Organisation parties

School/Sport formal events

Your photography session

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