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We provide a full range of photography to promote your business. From multimedia and web design to magazines and brochures. We can photograph your product for any medium.

We work with clients across a wide range of industries, providing pre-production, and a full range of digital post-production services to ensure that your images suit your needs and are looking their best.

Employee of the month?We also photograph staff and management in their occupational roles.



Modeling agencies are always looking for new talent. Our studio has everything you need to get your start in the industry. Agencies require models to have photographic portfolios with a good selection of photos to show clients.

We create a range of fashion poses to promote your individual personality. With a variety of clothing changes and styled expressions, we give you that exclusive model look.

The resulting portfolio will display a mixture of looks presented in an album or package suited to your needs. We encourage potential models to think of their own ideas to visually express their own unique personality.



A little more than a portrait, glamour photography presents a combination of make-up, hair finishing and high quality studio equipment to create a look that suits you.

Whether it be for yourself, a gift for your partner or just a fun time with a friend, we build a mood customised to complement your requirements.

Casual, fun, traditional, sensual or romantic. Our photographers will produce a selection of beautiful images that reflect your unique personality.
Special effects, filters and retouching can be applied.


We give your passport photo a professional touch, each photo is colour corrected to get true to life skin tones, cropped to the proper size and can be photographed with any necessary background colour.

We adhere to all applicable standards, including the strict Australian passport guidelines and Non-standard passport photo sizes such as 50x50mm (US, India), 35x50mm (Malaysia), and many more.

We can also produce ID photography for student cards, staff boards, workplace IDs or any other organisational head shot photos.



You no longer need to worry about those precious memories being lost.

Our professional staff can restore colour, contrast, density and sharpness to bring any image back to life. We have shaped careful skilled methods to completely repair and restore your photos.

We create restorations that remain faithful to the feel of the original, ensuring all work is seamless and retains the unique characteristics evident in each old photographic process.

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